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Which Animal Are You? (There’s Only Four Options…)

Which Animal Are You? (There’s Only Four Options…)

An Irrefutable Personality/Animality Test 

By Sienna Day 

As you go through the quiz, count up the number of times you get each letter. At the end of the quiz, the animal corresponding to the letter you chose the most is your result! 

  • What do you do in your free time? 
  1. Play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. 
  1. Sit outside and draw caricatures of everyone that passes. 
  1. Keep up on my favorite fandom. 
  1. Scheme (at least that’s what I want you to think). 
Just a snake taking a stroll. Photo by Mark Broadhurst.
  • Where is your favorite place to study? 
  1. In the cafeteria, Atlas, on campus, or really anywhere as long as my buddies are there with me. 
  1. In the great outdoors. 
  1. Any place quiet enough for me to forget the existence of people. 
  1. Wherever I feel like. 
  • Speaking of studying, what would you do the night before a tough exam? 
  1. Help out a friend who hasn’t studied. 
  1. Study all night because what else did I procrastinate for? 
  1. I have already studied every single question a dozen times, but might as well go over them one more time just to be sure. 
  1. I would find someone who knows their stuff really well and convince them to help me not fail. 
  • How often are you late to class? 
  1. I try to beat my record every year. 
  1. A few minutes before class starts, of course. 
  1. Being late is an option? 
  1. Class doesn’t start until I get there. 
Don’t mess with this guy. Photo by Meg Jerrard.
  • Between these classes, which one is/would be the most interesting to you? 
  1. Religion (Jesus is the only right answer). 
  1. Art (improving my stick figures). 
  1. Geometry (learning about shapes). 
  1. Psychology (basically how to read minds). 
  • Which intramural sport are you most excited for? 
  1. Dodgeball (who doesn’t like being knocked out with dodgeballs?). 
  1. Cornhole (extreme bean bag toss). 
  1. 5k “Run”/Walk (we all know “run” really means “jog”). 
  1. Sand volleyball or basketball skills competition (though I am obviously a natural at both). 
  • How would you describe your dorm room/bedroom? 
  1. I have spent hours making it as cozy and relaxing as possible. 
  1. Cacti, fairy lights, knitted blankets, anything that makes me happy. 
  1. Why spend all the effort decorating when all I need are the essentials? 
  1. I am allergic to sunlight so my room feels like a wonderful cave. 
  • What is your favorite meal from the cafeteria? 
  1. Everything. Literally everything. 
  1. Anything without meat (so everything?). 
  1. I am my own chef; no one cooks for me! 
  1. Whatever gives me the most for my money. 
  • How do you feel about spiders? 
  1. I constantly have to save my friends from spiders so I’m not a fan of them. 
  1. Spiders? Where? 
  1. A fear of spiders would be irrational (I say as I shudder in fear). 
  1. They make fantastic pets (not that I own one or anything *nervous laughter*). 
A badger saying “Peek-a-boo!” Photo by Vincent van Zalinge. 


[mostly 1’s] A lion! You have lots of friends and can be very scary like a lion. You are also very competitive in sports (especially team sports). As the king/queen of the jungle (aka the Walla Walla University campus) you are a natural leader. 

[mostly 2’s] A badger! To be honest, I don’t really know what badgers do. Most of them look like the cutest animals on earth so I guess that’s what you are… cute? They also live by themselves a lot so you are very good at being independent. You also have tough skin like badgers (except, for you, this is likely just metaphorical). 

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[mostly 3’s] An eagle! Eagles can see everything, so you know many things and are very wise. These birds also like to fly very high up which is symbolic of you because you like to be far away from people. If eagles went to college they would do well at all their classes, so you probably do that as well. 

[mostly 4’s] A snake! You probably know martial arts and you are like a snake: slippery. You can get out of any situation and are very good at getting what you want. You also always sleep with one eye open like a snake… since they don’t have eyelids. 

Remember that all of these results are completely false and written purely for humor. 

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