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Which Avenue to Revenue is for You?

Which Avenue to Revenue is for You?

The Ultimate Guide 

By Sienna Day 

Camp Counselor: This one is a bit obvious, but there is nothing like watching a bunch of kids have fun while you aren’t. Sure, there are days when you join in on what the campers are doing, but a lot of your time will be spent just observing the fun times of others. If this is something you enjoy doing on a regular basis, then feel free to apply. 

 If you are friends with sharks and know how to swim, lifeguarding might be for you. Photo by Enrique Ortega Miranda. 

Lifeguard: Can you swim? Do you like helping people not drown? If so, then this is the job for you! If you live on the coast, this job is 90% lounging on the beach, 8% battling killer sharks, and 2% saving people. If you only have the opportunity to be a lifeguard at a pool, I’m sorry, but you probably won’t get any bite-shaped scars to tell stories about (unless one of the people you save bites you). Either way, it involves saving lives, so that’s good. 

Restaurant Server: This job is a good choice for people who like other people. You will be talking to actual living humans and you will be taking their orders, so keep this in mind when debating whether or not to apply for the job. It does come with tips, though, which can be marvelous. 

Being able to hold two plates at once is one of the many skills you will acquire as a server. Photo by Pixabay. 

Babysitter: Similar to the camp counselor option, you also get to watch over kids in this one. The only difference is that the kids you watch in this job are more likely to need naps and wear diapers. Although not much work is required while the kids are sleeping, listening to screaming, changing wet diapers, and giving them baths can raise your stress levels a bit. If you don’t like kids, you won’t like babysitting. 

Dog Walker: It seems like a lot of summer jobs include taking care of a living creature. At least with this job, the creature is usually furry, adorable, and loves belly rubs. If you have a fear of dogs or slobber then I suggest maybe staying away from this job option. 

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 Become a dog walker and you will get to happy friends like these. Photo by Matt Nelson. 

House Cleaner: Most people like a clean house, so with this job, you will constantly be around clean houses! Okay, they won’t be your houses, and they won’t be clean when you arrive, but at least you can enjoy how clean it is in the couple minutes before going back to your own messy home. If you like the smell of cleaning sprays and enjoy scrubbing toilets, this might be the job for you. 

Kids’ Party Entertainment: Have you ever seen those people dressed as scary clowns at parties who offer you shaped balloons and strange magic tricks? That could be you! The only challenging part about this job is that you have to be entertaining and funny. It may be difficult to do this when the kids think you look terrifying, but anything is possible if you set your mind to it. 

Food Delivery: I bet most of you reading this have ordered from Grubhub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats at least once (or too many times) in your lives. If you’ve never tried this job before, wouldn’t it be cool to see food delivery from the other side of the door? Instead of sitting inside a house waiting for delicious food to arrive, you can be the person to bring that joy to someone else, although you must be able to resist eating the food you’re delivering. 

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