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Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

By Josh Beaudoin 

Hello everyone, 

I’m very excited to finally be publishing this issue, but also quite nervous. This week we’re talking about various freedoms we enjoy, such as freedom of expression, the balance between freedom and responsibility, and the freedom that education brings.   

Notably, Walla Walla University has given The Collegian the freedom to publish my story of coming out as bisexual. I’m confident that had we tried to publish such a story at some other Adventist universities, it would have been quickly vetoed by their administrations.  

Throughout the writing and editing process, the University has been a strong ally, making clear through their words and actions that they care about stories like mine being heard. And they never sought to change or modify the message. What you’re reading are my words, and they haven’t been “watered down” in any way to appease administration. 

With that said, I crafted my story strategically. My goal is to unite our readers, regardless of their conclusions about if my actions were moral from a Biblical standpoint. For that reason, I’ve tried to take an honest but moderate tone, while not betraying my story in any way.   

This story has been a couple months in the making. I finished the first draft back in mid-February, and it’s since gone through several rounds of editing and review by a variety of parties. We put a lot of work into it, and God blessed the result. Before sitting down to write each part, I’d say a prayer, asking God to guide my pen. Then, 1-2 hours later I’d have 1,100-1,600 words; it all happened quick and smoothly.  

You can also expect a couple follow-up articles to my story in the weeks following the initial release. 

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Josh Beaudoin 


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