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 Keeping Your Bike Safe

 Keeping Your Bike Safe

How to Combat Bike Theft On Campus  

By Brooklin Painter  

Is your bike safe on the Walla Walla University campus? Many students have reported stolen bikes on campus just in the first couple of weeks of school. Learn how to keep your bike safe and how to prevent thieves from taking your property.  

Bicycle seats are the most common item to be stolen from your bike. Using two locks on your bike will help guarantee that it stays safe. [1] Check that one lock goes through your handles and the frame of your bike, while the other lock goes around the seat frame and post. [2]  

Many students at WWU enjoy mountain biking, but this outdoor activity comes with risks, not the least of which is theft. Photographs by Harrison Unger, Kristen Wagner, Nathaniel Sanchez, and Quinton Price through ASWWU Outdoors. Taken on 02/11/2019.

However, not all bike locks are the same. Investing in a higher quality lock can fortify your chances of reducing theft. [3]  

In the opinion of Nathaniel Sanchez, ASWWU Tread Shed manager, the best lock to buy is a U-bolt lock. Cable locks are not the best option since they are easy to break and snap with bolt cutters. Sanchez advised to “make sure that you lock it through the frame of your bike and not your wheel because they could take off your wheel and steal your bike as well.” [4]  

Some options to store your bike on campus are either to keep them in your dorm room or to place them on the bike racks outside. Make sure to use a high quality lock to secure them. If your bike has been stolen on campus, report it to campus security immediately. Campus security can be contacted at (509) 527-2222.  



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