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All Around Healthy

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Aleksandra Talev 

Women’s Wellness Week was a virtual event about holistic health led by AGA that took place from November 2-6. AGA, the women’s dorm club, hosted the event. They gave important and interesting information and had fun giveaways throughout the week. [1]  

photo by @agawwu on Instagram. 

The week was not limited to only the dorm students. The event was completely virtual, so if a student lived off campus or at home, they were also allowed to join.  

The first mini session was called introduction to self-defense. AGA showed videos of defense moves you can use when in certain dangerous situations. It helped show the ladies of Walla Walla University how to keep themselves protected and safe. [2] 

The second mini session was a Q&A time about sexual health. If a girl had questions, she could get answers without feeling embarrassed. [3] 

photo by @agawwu on Instagram.

AGA hosted daily giveaways throughout the week in which students could win whether they were on or off campus. To win some of the awesome prizes like a blanket, pens, a water bottle, journals etc. all they had to do was follow and share the post on AGA’s Instagram saying, “Happy Women’s Wellness Week!” [4] The girl would also need to tag three women who support them. [5] 

AGA offered some great prizes that were in baskets that were unique and different each day. The basket themes followed along with the theme of the week. Basket one was physical wellness, two was spiritual wellness, three was emotional wellness, four was self-care, and five was girl power. [6] 

Introduction to self-defense took place Monday night at 9:15 p.m. The Q&A time took place Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.   


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