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ASWWU Elections

ASWWU Elections

A Summary of the Winners’ Platforms 

By Eli Haynal 

The ASWWU elections were held on February 23, and Trevor Haugen won the race for president, Wils Haffner for Executive vice president, Hannah Stonas for social vice president, and Mitchell Powers for spiritual vice president. 

All of the candidates had one last chance to present their platform on election day. In these brief speeches and several others throughout their campaigns, they outlined their plans and goals for the coming year, should they be elected. Here is a summary of what the winning candidates’ statements: 

Trevor Haugen 

“I love this campus and I just want to see it excel even further. I believe that we can do that by aspiring to grow and inspiring to change,” says Haugen, a junior health science and pre-medicine major. [1] In his speech, he emphasized that ASWWU and the president should serve to connect the student body to administration. He stated that he would focus on input from students’ aspiration for growth and fostering student leaders who inspired change. 

Wils Haffner 

Haffner is the current ASWWU EVP and a junior business major. As executive vice president, his main role is presiding over ASWWU Senate, the elected body that manages ASWWU legislation. “Institutional memory loss can be combated by electing students who have experience with ASWWU and experience with the culture of ASWWU,” said Haffner in his speech. He emphasized the importance of experience in leadership positions and how his own experience would help him lead ASWWU Senate. [2] 

Hannah Stonas 

Stonas, a junior business administration major, won the position of ASWWU social vice president via a successful write-in campaign. Since she was not on the ballot, she did not have a chance to speak during the elections community. However, she summarized her platform in a Collegian interview: “As Social VP, I would make sure every student has an outlet from their busy lives. I would plan different events that appeal to different students, knowing every student is different and won’t enjoy the same thing.” [3] 

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Mitchell Powers 

“As your hopeful spiritual vice president I promise to be relentless, exhaustive, and driven in cultivating a community in Christ this next year,” says Powers, a sophomore theology major. Powers has previous experience working on the ASWWU Spiritual team and as a youth pastor and group leader in the Portland area. He emphasized this experience and the current need for community in his speech on election day. [4] 

These new officers elect will begin their work on the first day of the 2021-2022 school year. Until then, Eric Welch remains the president, Wils Haffner the EVP, Zack Macomber the social vice, and Zack Hoffer the spiritual vice. 


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