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Campus Safety: The Significant Segments

Campus Safety: The Significant Segments

A Summary of WWU and Surrounding Area Safety Statistics   

By Emmett Pennington-Guthrie  

The Walla Walla University security and fire report for 2021 came out this month. It includes crime statistics from 2018-2020 as well as information on fire safety, security rules, Title IX, and policies for reporting crimes or incidents.  

The following is a condensed report of the crimes and safety data recorded. Note that the full report is available through the WWU website on the campus security page.  

College Place Campus:  

2018- Two rapes, two motor vehicle thefts, two accounts of dating violence, 12 drug abuse violations, 10 liquor law violations.  

2019- One motor vehicle theft, two accounts of stalking, two drug abuse violations, eight liquor law violations, one fire in Sittner Hall (quickly extinguished).  

2020- Two burglaries, three motor vehicle thefts, two accounts of dating violence, and six liquor law violations.  

Portland Campus:  

2018- No reported incidents.   

2019- Two motor vehicle thefts.  

2020- One aggravated assault and one burglary.  

The Billings, Missoula, and Rosario campuses each had no reports for any of the three years. [1]  

Additionally, there were no hate crimes of any category reported in the last three years at the College Place campus. Hate crimes are crimes motivated against race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, or national origin.  

To contextualize, here is a look at our neighbors in Whitman College:  

Whitman College:  

2018- Twenty rapes, 10 forced fondlings, one burglary, 369 alcohol violation referrals, 60 drug violation referrals, one weapons violation referral, five accounts of dating violence, and 14 stalkings.   

2019- Two forced fondlings, one burglary, 93 alcohol violation referrals, 57 drug violation referrals, three accounts of dating violence, three stalkings, and one account of domestic violence.  

2020- Three forced fondlings, one burglary, 17 alcohol violation referrals, two drug violation referrals, and two accounts of dating violence. [2]  

It is apparent that Whitman’s statistics were dramatically improved in 2020, which can likely be attributed to their use of remote learning in the 2020-2021 school year. [3]  

The statistics indicate that WWU’s College Place campus has maintained a level of safety over the years that is higher than Whitman’s, particularly regarding forced fondlings, rapes, violations of liquor laws, and dating violations. Impressively, this is true even considering that WWU has a larger student population (1,546 undergraduate students in 2020-2021) compared to Whitman’s (1,360 in the fall of 2020). [4 & 5]  

There are many possible explanations for the decreased levels of certain crimes at WWU compared to Whitman. These could include tighter campus security, a religious environment, or perhaps even the physical locations of the schools. It is difficult to say, however, which factor (or factors) influences this the most.  

To make a report on criminal activity, you are encouraged to call campus security directly at (509) 527-2222 or make a report to a campus security authority. CSAs are any campus official with responsibility for student and campus activities or campus security. It is requested that you report all crimes so that accurate data is collected for future reports, regardless of whether you wish to press charges. [6]  

Photo by Caleb Riston. Make sure to save the campus security phone number to your contacts so that they can be easily called in case of an emergency. 

CSAs include “college deans and assistant deans, resident deans and assistant resident deans, athletic director and assistant directors, athletic team coaches, faculty advisors to student groups, and campus staff involved in disciplinary and judicial proceedings,” according to the report. [7]  

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Campus security is available 24 hours a day and can be called for escort services, vehicle registration, parking permits, crime reports/investigations, lost and found, battery jumper service, and other areas of general assistance. You can contact them through their number at (509) 527-2222, or through the campus extension 2222. [8]  



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  • I found this article very interesting. I do have a suggestion about the analysis of the statistics. Though WWU apparently has a lower crime rate than Whitman, I wonder how many crimes go unreported at the different locations. WWU is an SDA organization, which traditionally promotes modesty and a patriarchal system. Therefore, some women may feel like the sexual assault was their fault and not reported it to security. I feel like this is much more probable to happen at WWU than Whitman, which would have skewed the statistics a bit.

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