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Campus Safety: What You Need to Know

Campus Safety: What You Need to Know

A Summary of WWU and Surrounding Area Safety Statistics

By Ashley Herber

Walla Walla University’s 2020 annual fire and safety report includes crime and safety statistics from 2017, 2018, and 2019 as well as information about Title IX, fire safety protocols, and campus security and counseling information.  

WWU campus security is available for assistance at all times. Photo by free photos via Pixabay

All of this information is easily accessible from the WWU website under the campus security web page in campus life. Here is a condensed list of crimes and safety data in this report. 

College Place campus: 

 2017- 4 fondlings, 3 motor vehicle thefts, 3 stalking, 4 drug abuse violations, 4 liquor law violations. 

2018- 2 rapes, 2 motor vehicle thefts, 2 dating violence, 12 drug abuse violations, 10 liquor law violations. 

2019- 1 motor vehicle theft, 2 stalking, 2 drug abuse violations, 8 liquor law violations, 1 fire in Sittner Hall (Which started in the laundry room but was soon extinguished by a student). 

Portland campus: 

2017- 1 motor vehicle theft. 

2018- no reported incidents. 

2019- 2 motor vehicle thefts. 

Billings, Missoula, and Rosario campuses had no reported incidents. [1] 

Comparing this information to similar statistics about Whitman College sheds light on this data. For context, in 2020 WWU’s enrolment was 1,546 [2] and Whitman’s was 1,360. [3] 

Whitman College: 

2017- 8 rapes, 4 forced fondlings, 2 burglaries, 1 motor vehicle theft, 1 arson, 1 alcohol related arrest, 248 alcohol referrals, 100 drug referrals, 1 dating violence, 2 stalkings. 

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2018- 20 rapes, 10 forced fondlings, 1 burglary, 369 alcohol violation referrals, 60 drug violation referrals, 1 weapons violation referral, 5 dating violence, 14 stalkings. 

2019- 2 forced fondlings, 1 burglary, 93 alcohol violation referrals, 57 drug violation referrals, 3 dating violence, 3 stalking, 1 domestic violence. [4] 

This data shows that WWU (College Place campus), although larger in population, had less reported rapes, fondlings, alcohol and drug related incidents, dating violence, and stalkings compared to Whitman College. WWU did have comparable numbers of motor vehicle thefts.  

Is WWU’s lowered crime and safety incident rate compared to Whitman College a result of the Adventist environment, a more involved campus security, tighter rules, or perhaps a mix of many factors? Without further data and analysis this question goes unanswered. 

Be sure to report all crimes so that accurate data can be collected or the future. Photo by WikimediaImages via Pixabay

WWU’s fire and safety report urges WWU students to report all crimes, whether the victim wants to press charges or not, so the most accurate data is collected to help keep our campus safe. [5] 

The campus security number is (509) 527-2222 and security is available 24/7. [6] 


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