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Candidacies Continued

Candidacies Continued

ASWWU Elections Continue over Zoom

By Samantha Wawondatu

The second ASWWU Confab streamed live this Wednesday on ASWWU’s YouTube channel and provided an opportunity for the running candidates to continue answering questions about their platforms. Once again, Isabella Constantino, the election board chair, moderated the event and Ethan Edwards, parliamentarian, kept time. Only eight candidates were present this time, unlike the previous confab which had nine.   

ASWWU Candidates

1. What would you say your biggest weakness is when it comes to group projects or leadership positions? 

  • Andrew Bussell (Presidential Candidate): “Trying to let a project go… but not going overboard about little details.” 
  • Natasha Mwansa (Spiritual VP Candidate): “I’m a control freak… and I end up taking over things, which is something I’ve worked through this year.” 
  • Jack Darrow (Social VP Candidate): “Making sure everyone is on the same page.” 
  • Wills Haffner (Executive Vice-President Candidate): “Letting other people take charge and take the lead.” 
  • Trevor Haugen (Presidential Candidate): “I tend to take too much on my plate… I’m very much of a people pleaser.” 
  • Lydia Tupper (Spiritual VP Candidate): “I really love group projects… but I tend to get frustrated when there’s a lack of dedication from the other team members.” 
  • Mitchell Powers (Spiritual VP Candidate): “Finding the right kind of communication for every person.” 
  • Josh Peinado (Social VP Candidate): “For me, it’s finding the right leadership style for every person.” 

2. How would you handle an underperforming member of your team? 

  • Andrew Bussell: “The best way to confront someone is to let them know that they are doing the best they can. It’s important to build each other up and it’s something that I’m going to advocate if I become president.” 
  • Natasha Mwansa: “Checking up on them… Stepping up when there needs to be help.” 
  • Jack Darrow: “It’s all about communication… it’s really about reaching out seeing what’s wrong or if they need some help… people go through things and we have to understand that.” 
  • Wills Haffner: “We need to frontload our expectations so that they know what they need to accomplish and affirm what they are doing right.” 
  • Trevor Haugen: “To be present and to be there before it happens. When it does, [that’s when] you need confrontation.” 
  • Lydia Tupper: “I want to find out if they are okay… and how they are doing personally…  The next step is to be upfront, set clear boundaries, tell them what they need to do, and be kind and honest.” 
  • Mitchell Powers: “We wanna check up on them, ask them how we can grow, and pray about it.” 
  • Josh Peinado: “My strategy has been to just affirm people when they are doing super well… I find that when you affirm people not only do they continue to excel in those things, but they grow in that area a lot.” 

3. When life gets tough and you’re lacking in time and motivation, how will you continue to be an effective and reliable leader?  

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  • Andrew Bussell: “I find sanctuary in my friends and family… expressing just raw emotions to people around me who are really close.” 
  • Natasha Mwansa: “For me, it always comes back to Christ.” 
  • Jack Darrow: “For me personally, it’s all about seeing the end product and seeing it come through.” 
  • Wills Haffner: “It’s a community [our workplaces], and we can spread the workload around.” 
  • Trevor Haugen: “I do that [keep motivated] through community, friends and connecting through the vine.” 
  • Lydia Tupper: “I think the way that I deal with these issues most is just connecting with Christ.” 
  • Mitchell Powers: “For me, priority one always has to be Jesus. I am not going to be able to give to my team and any of you if I am not connected to the vine. Lastly, I need to rest.” 
  • Josh Peinado: “When life gets tough, the best thing that keeps me motivated and going as a leader is just connecting with my team.” 

In closing, each candidate was instructed to add a 30 second closing remark to their platforms. 

  • Andrew Bussell: “I would like to meet each and every one of you to discuss how I, as your possible ASWWU President, can do better.” 
  • Natasha Mwansa: “I really want to bring WWU as a student body back to their first love, who is Christ, and set our hearts on Him.” 
  • Jack Darrow: “I have had seven years of event planning and I have no lack of confidence that I can do a lot when I receive your vote.” 
  • Wills Haffner: “I have been a part of ASWWU for the past three years. Aside from knowing how to do my job, I know the [ASWWU] culture.” 
  • Trevor Haugen: “I truly believe that I can put out change into this campus. I truly want to grow, and I truly want to inspire this campus for change.” 
  • Lydia Tupper: “I am passionate about working for and giving you the best spiritual experience I possibly can. I am committed to Christ and bringing Christ to be present here with us.” 
  • Mitchell Powers: “I want you to know that I feel called to this position, and everything I do will be through prayer.” 
  • Josh Peinado: “I just feel like I would be a very experienced individual who would give the student body the best experience.” 

ASWWU primary elections will take place next Tuesday from 8 am to 8 pm. Voting will be open through the ASWWU website. To watch the whole confab, you can click here.

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