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Fall Chill

Fall Chill

Falling into Some Fun 

Aleksandra Talev 

Pumpkin Party is a new and fun activity that was held on the Walla Walla University campus last Thursday night containing fun activities and social time, introduced in place of Barn Party for COVID-19 reasons. During Barn Party, students would participate in small activities, photo booths, and costumes at the WEC. Pumpkin Party is a fall activity similar to Barn Party but socially distanced, so that people can still socialize with one another. The students got to hang out, carve pumpkins, and watch old Mickey Mouse cartoons.1 

Who said people in charge of events cannot have fun. Photo by Aleksandra Talev. 

The party took place on Thursday evening from 5-8 p.m. on Centennial Green. The event was broken down into 30-minute time frames with four slots for a student and their four other friends. To attend the event or pick up a pumpkin, students needed to sign up ahead of time to reserve their spot and pumpkin.2 

Changing the event from Barn Party to Pumpkin Party could have created some problems for getting approval, but luckily it was passed without issue. The COVID-19 response committee helped make suggestions to make the event an even bigger success.3  

There were two ways someone could be a part of the festivities. Someone could hang out with friends at Centennial Green, or go to their dorms or homes and carve their pumpkins so they could be a part of the pumpkin contest. There were lights set up so people could not miss it. 4 

get together time. Photo by Aleksandra Talev.  

They had a pumpkin carving contest with the winner being announced Sunday. Students had an exciting time and had many interesting pumpkin ideas.5 

Jack Darrow, a freshman graphic design major, said that he enjoyed making a great pumpkin even if it was considered a straightforward design. 6 Aurora Jones, a freshman English and secondary education major stated that she enjoyed the atmosphere which was “very fun, fall like.” Her idea for her pumpkin came from a picture she saw of a painted pumpkin with leaves.7 

 Fun! Just getting started but ideas are going. Photo by Aleksandra Talev. 

Emmalyn Logan, a freshman nursing major, said she enjoyed “scooping the pumpkin out, overall atmosphere.” She said that fall is her favorite season, and she chose a pumpkin design that was simple.8 Jessi Vietz, a freshman exercise science major, said that her pumpkin design was a “mountain scape with the moon.”9 

Zach Macomber, senior history and business major who oversaw the event, remarked on how a lot of people were able to carve a pumpkin for the first time. If someone has not tried carving a pumpkin yet, do not forget to try it.10 

ASWWU Social was a key part of making the event a success. Macomber said that, “It went really well, a lot of people showed up, and all but two pumpkins were taken.” There was a total of 85 pumpkins taken.11  


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