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OPS and AGA: Why a Student Should be Involved

OPS and AGA: Why a Student Should be Involved

Getting to Know the Dorm Clubs 

Aleksandra Talev 

OPS is the men’s dorm club, headed by their president Aaron Leek, a junior business administration and finance major. According to Leek, the club’s goals are to be there for students on and off campus. They want to have more inclusivity this year, especially since the virus is causing more people to be at home.1 

AGA is the women’s dorm club, led by their president Natasha Mwansa, a sophomore education major. AGA’s aim for this year is to grow in community with one another.2 

One activity OPS is currently hosting is a stock simulator that imitates stocks but is not the real market. Currently, there are about 61 guys involved. This fun giveaway has some awesome prizes. The top winner will receive AirPods Pro, second place will get classic AirPods and third place will win an Echo Dot.3 

Another weekly event the guys host is the “NFL Pick ‘Em.” This event happens each week before the start of every NFL game. The OPS club members choose which NFL teams they think will win that week, and those with the most correct picks win a jersey of their choice and a gift card. Even if a student does not win first prize, they still receive a complimentary mask.4 

AGA also hosts fun activities and programs such as giveaways, Wellness Wednesdays, and Freestyle Fridays which help share the interests and personalities of the students. In their worship, they allow students to participate by leading out in prayer or being involved in other areas of interest.5 

The women’s dorm club also has a new project this year called AGA small groups. It is a place where students can talk and share with fellow friends and peers more intimately. Another positive aspect of the small groups is that they count as a worship credit. On and off-campus students can get involved with small groups which are held on the second Monday of every month.6 

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If a student is currently living in the dorm, they won’t need to pay to be in either club. The two clubs are doing separate things, but have fun events happening now, and future events in the works. 7 

If you are feeling lonely, homesick, or just wanting to be a part of a group, be sure to check out the club for your respective dorm. Also, if you’re currently an off-campus student, be sure to check in about joining a club. 


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