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Service Projects on Campus

Service Projects on Campus

Not Just for the Students 

By Nils A. Anderson 

On and around campus, there are numerous organizations dedicated to serving the community and Walla Walla University. Groups like Enactus, The Revival Project, and Engineers Without Borders are all actively engaged in a variety of projects to better the lives and spirits of students and others alike. 

Enactus is a student club on campus affiliated with a national organization of the same name. Their focus is encouraging socially conscious entrepreneurship in students. The local Enactus club is presently working on two major projects. They are establishing a community garden located by College Place City Hall with the aim of eventually turning it over to be managed entirely by the community. They are also working on a glass recycling initiative to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. [1] To find out more about the WWU chapter of Enactus and their projects, see their website at enactus wallawalla. 

The Enactus community garden. Photo by Josh Beaudoin.

The Revival Project is an organization focused on addressing the spiritual needs of students. They host a church service every Sabbath at 10:30 a.m., often in the SAC. Their services usually deal with a topic pertinent to modern society. Their most recent service was held on Jan. 29 and took the form of a panel discussion about diversity. In addition to their weekly church services, they also do “pop-up” events around campus giving out free refreshments to the students. Occasionally, they coordinate with other service groups like the CHE to organize some form of community service event. [2] To find out more about The Revival Project and their weekly services, see their Instagram @the_revivalproject21. 

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Engineers Without Borders is a student group that has a more global focus on service. They raise funds and use those to send engineers out to locations in need to provide them with necessary services as identified by those in need. As the name would imply, they primarily deal with issues pertaining to engineering, but they employ a variety of students to help support their efforts. [3] Presently, they are in the midst of a fundraising effort for 2022, having hosted a gala on Jan. 29 [4]. To find out more see their website at Walla Walla University Engineers Without Borders. 


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