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The Best Coffee Shops in Walla Walla

The Best Coffee Shops in Walla Walla

Recommendations From College Students 

By Brooklin Painter 

Coffee is commonly known as the most popular drink in America. It’s how we wake up in the morning to get to work and stay up for long hours in the night. When you think about grabbing your next cup of coffee, you may want to consider stopping by the best-recommended coffee shops in Walla Walla. 

If you have a sweet tooth, then Dutch Bros is the way to go. If you enjoy coffee that tastes strong and dark, then Starbucks would be your best option. However, if you prefer coffee of the best quality and taste, there are many superior coffee shops to go to in the area that produce higher quality coffee than the larger franchised companies nearby. 

Kalani Kramer, a freshman nursing major, recommended going to Walla Walla Roastery, located on 290 A St. She said that they have the best espresso and use quality beans that you can taste in their coffee. Kramer affirmed, “It’s a really cute and secluded place that I like to go to with my friends. It’s very casual and a good place to get my morning coffee.” A drink she recommended is the vanilla chai latte with oat milk. [1] 

The Atlas, a local coffee located right behind Kellogg Hall on 6 N. College Ave. A barista pours a delicious cup of coffee on the opening day to welcome customers. Photo by Ryan Rojas. Taken on 4/7/2021. Source:

Walla Walla Roastery even sells their own line of coffee beans. The Atlas, the on-campus student-led coffee house, uses those beans for their coffee as well. Kramer says she goes to The Atlas for coffee because of the close convenience and similar quality in taste. Students don’t always have the time to drive to a coffee shop that is 10-12 minutes away, so The Atlas is a perfect place to get quality coffee that is inexpensive and close to the University. 

Another student, Sydney Maclachlan, a freshman nursing major, also recommended going to The Atlas for coffee. “They have exceptional customer service, a great atmosphere, and are super talkative and relatable because they are students just like us,” stated Maclachlan. [2] 

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Another coffee shop that Maclachlan recommended is Livit Coffee Company, located on 1059 E. Isaacs Ave. She said they have an aesthetic environment and the employees are extremely kind. They have good coffee and additional food options too. Maclachlan advocated for their exceptional avocado toast and cinnamon rolls. She said, “You have to try it.” [3] 

Whether or not you choose to keep going to Starbucks and Dutch Bros for coffee, The Collegian invites you to support your local businesses and branch out more to find your favorite cup of coffee. You can even bring your friends along with you too and share the love of coffee with others. 


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