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The Express is Getting Creative

The Express is Getting Creative

How Students are Taking Initiative at our Favorite Burger Spot 

By Ben Wexler   

The Collegian sat down with The Express’ manager, Miles Rottman, and external marketing agency, Pixel Parlour, to learn about the new vision for The Express. 

Knowing that the students have the best perspective of what changes are needed at The Express, Pixel Parlour’s creative director, Abby Laguidao, and operations manager, Hugh Daley, are enlisting the help of marketing-savvy students to bring to life the future of The Express. [1] 

Quality internships lay the groundwork for creating career opportunities, especially for students hoping to secure a position straight out of college. “As an alumnus, the one thing that I found that got in the way of my success was experience, especially as a creative,” described Laguidao. [2] A study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that students without an internship received 16% fewer job offers. [3] 

The internship allows students to gain real world experience working within the Pixel Parlor team gaining social media management, copywriting, and marketing strategy skills that will open career success pathways for students. [4] 

The goal of the new vision is to create a pandemic-proof business plan utilizing contemporary marketing strategy while providing opportunities for students to play an active role and gain experience within their chosen field. [5] 

The team of students will be ideating then executing tasks with the external marketing agency. “It’s really going to be Abby and her group of students, all working together to shape what they want tomorrow to look like and how can we make it work for The Express,” described Rottman. [6]  

The Express won’t be undergoing any cosmetic or product offering changes just yet. The addition of students to the team is “to figure out what’s the best thing for you, the student. And what’s the best thing for our community and the campus community,” Rottman expressed. [7] 

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The internship at the Express would include a training period focused on product photography, leveraging copy and photos, and Instagram and TikTok content creation. WWU students will then implement these skills into the marketing plan for The Express. [8] 

The Express offers a variety of tasty food, especially their famous vegetarian burgers. Screenshot of a 360º Google Maps view of The Express in 2016.

The Express was once a campus-operated dairy that distributed milk cartons to the community and sold ice cream. With the addition of hot food items and snacks, the dairy evolved to become the College Dairy Snack Bar. For the next era of the shop, instead of beginning with product offering changes or cosmetic changes, administration is starting with the students to determine the future of The Express. [9] 

If you are interested in gaining real-world experience and acquiring professional marketing and content creation skills, you can email Pixel Parlour, the external marketing agency, at  


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