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Walla Walla University’s Hottest Students

Walla Walla University’s Hottest Students

A Top Five Countdown 

By Eli Haynal 

Spring is in the air and many Walla Walla University students are out looking for love, but sometimes finding just the right person can be a daunting task. If this is your problem, look no further—The Collegian has scoured the corners of campus, leaving no stone unturned in our search for the hottest WWU students, and we have compiled a top five list. 

Macomber is at home outdoors in the Walla Walla valley. Photo by Zach Macomber. 

5. Zach Macomber 

This man is an adventurer, an ASWWU official, and, most importantly, an eligible bachelor. If his photo does not speak for itself, perhaps his love of the outdoors, skiing, and rock climbing will catch your interest. And don’t doubt his social connections; as this year’s ASWWU Social VP, he is one of the most well-connected people on campus. His love of adventure makes him spontaneous and his elected office shows responsibility; we rate him 10/10. 

What’s going on behind those sunglasses? We may never know. Photo by Zach Macomber. 

4. Burrito-Holding Zach Macomber 

While the previous candidate was stable and responsible, this is a man of mystery. Who is the man behind those sunglasses? What are his hopes, his dreams, his goals? We’re not entirely sure; uncovering the truth is part of the charm of getting to know him. What we can be sure of is that you would be lucky to be held as lovingly as he holds that burrito. He’s quiet, reserved, and mysterious; we rate him 10/10. 

He’s downtown, and he means business. Photo by Zach Macomber.

3. Short Hair Zach Macomber 

The original Macomber was all about outdoor adventures and professional responsibility, and make no mistake, this man shares those qualities. But short hair Macomber’s clean-cut look, sharp fashion sense, and downtown setting perfectly portray his modern, urban interests. He knows the best restaurants, coffee shops, and stores in the Walla Walla area, and he’d be happy to share his knowledge with you. He is fast-paced, trendy, and 100% available; we rate him 10/10. 

He looks stoically away from the camera, his inner strength is palpable. Photo by Zach Macomber. 

2. Mutton Chops Macomber 

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If Zach’s outdoor enthusiasm was what attracted you to the first candidate, then read no further. This is the man for you. As his mustache shows, he’s rugged, he’s serious, and by gosh he will treat you right. He’s always up for adventure, and you would be lucky if he brought you along. His physical strength is unmatched and his two-person tent has room for one more; we rate him 10/10. 

The mustache is perfect, the lighting immaculate; this man truly has no flaws. Photo by Zach Macomber. 

1. Mustachioed Macomber 

Topping our list we have the man who truly has it all. He’s responsible, mysterious, trendy, and adventurous, combining the best traits of all the previous candidates, but there’s still more to this perfect man. He’s cultured, as much at home speaking French on the streets of Paris as he is pouring the perfect latte from behind the counter at a coffee shop. It should be noted that, in fact, this man does not possess any flaws. However, he is somehow still available; we rate him 10/10. 

If any of the bachelors on this list caught your attention, be sure to act quickly because many other people probably have the same idea. Perhaps throughout all the time that Macomber spent organizing ASWWU Social’s Bachelor event, he was the bachelor who really mattered. Have a good time chasing the hottest bachelors at WWU! 

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