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Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard

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The Summer Plans of a few WWU Students 

By Jessi Vietz 

As the school year comes to a close, students are looking forward to the variable events of summer break. Many students do not consider it a break at all and have found internship and work opportunities as well as travel. 

Carter Nash, junior biology major, will be returning to Leoni Meadows Summer Camp in Grizzly Flats, California. He has filled many different roles at Leoni, and this summer he will be working at the aquatics camp. [1] 

Carter Nash leaning against a cliff face on a black sand beach.
Nash will be working again at Leoni Meadows Summer Camp this year and plans to get a SCUBA diving certification by the end of summer. Photo of Carter Nash by Carter Nash, accessed on 5/26/22.

He is looking forward to “teaching kids to do things such as water skiing and wakeboarding.” After summer camp ends, he plans on continuing the water activities by earning his advanced scuba diving certification. [2] 

Alex Wiedemann, a sophomore exercise science and pre-physical therapy major, is planning on continuing school throughout the summer and taking physics. She will also be working at New York Cupcakes in the Puget Sound area. [3] 

Alex Wiedemann, taking a picture of herself, leaned in towards the mirror.
Wiedemann plans to work at New York Cupcakes some of the time and shadow a physical therapist at other times. Photo of Alex Wiedemann by Alex Wiedemann, accessed on 5/26/22.

In order to complete her pre-requisites for future physical therapy school, she will begin her required hours of observation this summer. This means she will spend time in the field, shadowing a physical therapist. [4] 

Later in the summer she will be traveling to California on a family trip, then will be coming back to WWU early to work for Brooke August, head athletic trainer, as a student athletic trainer for the Wolves Athletics Department. [5] 

Tessa Cornell, senior bioengineering major, was accepted into the orthotics and prosthetics graduate program at Loma Linda University. She will be starting the hybrid program this summer, with the first year of material being online. [6] 

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Tessa Cornell smiles with cool sunglasses, stood in front of ocean waves and a blue sky.
Cornell will be doing a hybrid program with Loma Linda for Orthotics and Prosthetics. Photo of Tessa Cornell by Tessa Cornell, accessed on 5/25/22.

She decided to specialize in orthotics and prosthetics because she finds it really fascinating and wants to “work in a position where I can help people and also do cool engineering and machining projects.” [7] 

Although the first year of her graduate program is online, she will be doing observation days at a clinic near her home once a week. This will help her gain hands-on experience and knowledge from individuals in her field. [8] 

Many students have big plans this summer, from participating in a new adventure to taking the time they need to rest and enjoy some well-deserved free time.  


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