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Campus-wide recycling debuts

Campus-wide recycling debuts

By Heather Jarnes 

Published October 12, 2000 

New bins placed across campus on Oct. 11 extended WWC’s recycling program.  

WWC’s current program began in spring of 1998, when ASWWC President Craigan Usher had a recycling station installed in the entry of the Student Association Center. 

The expansion to campus wide coverage began with planning done during the 1999-2000 school year by Edwin Schwisow, senior mass communication, and Jon Cole, professor of environmental studies. Together, the two decided where other recycling bins would be placed. 

When current ASWWC President Peter Smith campaigned in the spring of 2000, he pushed to improve the recycling program on campus. After senate approved his budget, Smith lobbied for an additional $2,000 specifically for the recycling program.  

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Nelson Thomas, vice president of student administration, financed $1,200 for the two large green bins used for the dormitories out of funds from his department. 

This money was used to purchase 12 new bins for paper, four for glass, and eight for soda cans which will be placed in virtually every building on campus.  

Julia Hollister and Emmy Constantinescu place recycling bins at the WEC.
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