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College Buries $50,000 Tanks

College Buries $50,000 Tanks

By Bryan Davis Smith 

Published October 4, 1990 

New underground gasoline storage tanks were installed at the Dairy Express costing an estimated $50,000. 

Westwinds Diversified, the company that manages non-student related buildings on campus, is paying for the expenditure. Westwinds Diversified will recover the money by increasing the Dairy Express’ rent over the next eight years, says Darral Payne, Manager of the College Dairy. 

So far, one 4,000 gallon tank has been removed, two 6,000 gallon tanks and a 10,000 gallon tank have been installed. Two 8,000 gallon tanks are still to be removed. 

The new, single wall fiberglass tanks are guaranteed to not leak for thirty years. A new computer monitor system is being installed that will inventory fuel in the tank and check for water content. As an added precaution against leakage, vapor detection wells have been installed to detect small leaks 

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The removal of the two remaining tanks is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks. 

Under current regulations all underground tanks installed before 1989 must be removed before 1998. There is also a possibility that new regulations may require property owners to abide by a costly disposal plan. Since at the present time tank disposal costs nothing and new tank prices are moderate, the Dairy Express decided to replace the tanks.  

Photo: Express tank construction. The Dairy Express renovations. 

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