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Do you know your Walla Walla College History?

Do you know your Walla Walla College History?

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By Heather Jarnes  

Published April 11, 2002 

How much do you know about your school? I’ve put together a little quiz for trivia lovers, budding historians and average joes, to see how much you know about Walla Walla College history. 

  1. In 1892, Walla Walla College encompassed one building. What was this building called and what services were housed there? 
  1. The administration building; the administration offices 
  1. The administration building; the administration offices and dormitories 
  1. The college building; the administration offices 
  1. The college building; the administration offices and dorms 
  1. How many presidents has WWC had?  
  1. WWC once taught which class? 
  1. The façade of the administration building took on its current appearance in this year, following a fire caused by arson. 
  1. 1901 
  1. 1910 
  1. 1919 
  1. 1929 
  1. The college church spire caused controversy in 1961 because… 
  1. It looked reminiscent of the Tower of Babel 
  1. Lightning struck it 
  1. A students pilot almost hit it 
  1. Some chair members considered it a pagan symbol  
  1. Which one of the following faculty did not attend WWC? 
  1. Adlen Thompson 
  1. Doug Clark 
  1. Ron Jolliffe 
  1. LuAnn Venden Herrell 
  1. The engineering major was first offered on the WWC campus in what year? 
  1. 1947 
  1. 1942 
  1. 1954 
  1. 1974 
  1. Who donated the Wall of China brick that is part of the Peterson Memorial Library? 
  1. Aaron De Simone 
  1. John Brunt 
  1. John Christian 
  1. Jon Dybdahl 
  1. The WWC student missionary program began what year? 
  1. 1960 
  1. 1958 
  1. 1962 
  1. 1965 
  1. At one time, the Portland campus dormitory was named what? 
  1. Spinster Hall 
  1. Trudy Klein Dormitory 
  1. Sanitary Hall 
  1. Caldecott Hall 
  1. This professor spent over 4,000 hours creating the “In the Beginning God …” mural displayed in the Fine Arts Center lobby. 
  1. Martha Mason 
  1. Ken MacKintosh 
  1. Tom Emmerson 
  1. Terry Gottschall 
  1. Foreman lobby officially became a place of courtship in 1974. Which one of the following was not a rule of lobby etiquette? 
  1. No kissing 
  1. No laying down on couches 
  1. No sitting on one another’s lap 
  1. No overly affectionate greetings or goodbyes in the entryway 


See Also

  1. Believe it or not, WWC was once co-ed—sort of. While men and women both lived in the college building, the North and South halls, on which they lived, were separated. Women had a stareway from their hall to the cafeteria but the men had to use a separate entrance. 
  1. WWC has had 21 presidents. Dybdahl will be number 22 when he takes his place this summer. 
  1. Believe it or not, basket weaving was once taught at WWC. 
  1. The administration building was Damaged in a 1910 fire, but the 1919 fire was set by arson and caused extensive damage that required some rebuilding. 
  1. The answer is d. the chair members were soon convinced to allow the spire. 
  1. All three theology professors attended WWC in the ‘60s. LuAnn Venden Herrell graduated from Southwestern. 
  1. 1947 
  1. John Christian picked up the brick on a trip to China. 
  1. 1960 
  1. As nursing students were required to remain single, the dorm was named Spinster Hall. 
  1. Ken MacKintosh. 
  1. The first three rules really did exist. Maybe they still should. 

All facts taken with permission from Bold Venture by Terrie Aamodt (hint, if you want to know the answers, go to the WWC library, look for it in the South Reading Room, [call number Quarto LD 5721 W62 A18 1992]).

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