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FCA Women’s Flagball

FCA Women’s Flagball

A old grainy newsprint photo of two women running playing flag football.

By Greg Kettner 

Published November 5, 1992 

A strong offense and even stronger defense helped the women’s FCA flagball team dominate Whitman’s number one team, the Tantrums, 28-7. 

The FCA women played well for their second win in as many starts. They defeated the Tantrums by playing great defense, which produced opportunities for the offense to score. 

FCA’s defense has played well in other games this season allowing only 13 points against it. 

FCA scored a touchdown first for a 7-0 lead. 

The Tantrums tied the game at 7-7 with a passing play. Both teams showed great poise, which kept the score close throughout the game. 

FCA’s offense regained the lead for good when they scored their second touchdown for a 14-7 lead. 

The Tantrums’ offense put together a stellar drive only to be stopped on four consecutive downs at FCA’s 5-year line. 

FCA then scored their third touchdown on the turnover to give them a halftime lead of 21-7.  

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The Tantrums began the second half trying to erase the damage done in the first. They appeared to accomplish the feat, until FCA stopped them on four consecutive downs at their own 10-ard line. 

Suzanne Pfannmuller scored FCA’s final touchdown of the game, with an 8-yard run as time ran out, giving FA a 28-7 win. 

“Our team looked much better for this second game. All the practice in games and scrimmage has helped to improve the team,” said Pfannmuller. “We played awesome!” 

“The ladies looked really good out there,” said coach Windemuth. “It was the defense that produced the final score.”  

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