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Major Ridicule: Computer Science

Major Ridicule: Computer Science

Published April 2, 2009 

Honestly, I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m just not feeling it, people. I mean, there’s plenty of fun I could poke at computer science students. Their constant shyness, not unlike engineering majors, the fact that, ironically, the department’s website looks pretty shoddy, or even that computer science and computer engineering are virtually the same because of many overlapping major requirements. But I guess that’s nothing that really bothers me. It is, however, ridiculous, because they could just combine the programs and call it a day.  

For fear of having my MySpace account hacked into, though, and my electronic mailbox overloaded with spam, I won’t say much else. However, I must admit that if I see one more joke with binary code as the punch line, or another bumper sticker proclaiming the greatness of caffeine, of hear another chat about how Apple or Microsoft is better than the other, so help me, I’m going to transfer.  

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I now think those issues are not specifically with computer science majors, though heaven knows they make the majority of obscure anime references, but with anyone with a 12-sided die and a penchant for LARPing. Now that I’ve managed to offend and confuse people without calling nerds, which was quite difficult given the major, I’ll stop and focus on other, more innocuous subjects.  

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