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Skateboarding on Campus Wrong?

Skateboarding on Campus Wrong?

By Steven Hamstra 

Originally Published November 13, 2003 

The roar of wheels against concrete is not an uncommon sound this year as many students enjoy life and tempt fate by riding their skateboards around campus. 

The number of people with skateboards has spiked this year and brought with it a renewed awareness of both the delights and dangers offered by this mode of transportation. 

Because skateboarding is not covered by Walla Walla College’s insurance, the school’s cabinet took action against the activity. The action, however, was never published, thus allowing students to ride in relative freedom, for now. 

Most students seem to have a positive take on the new campus trend. “I think they’re a nice mode of transportation,” says Kyle Phelan, sophomore business. “Not only do they get you around, they get you exercise.”  

Freshman nursing major Brad White takes an even more optimistic approach. “I think having a skateboard improves your schoolwork because then class is over, you can hurry back to do your homework without having to talk to people,” says White.  

But not everyone is excited about the increase in skateboarding. Jason Bibb, sophomore business, and Casey Dietrich, freshman physical education, both claim to have been struck by out of control skaters.  

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Dietrich is quick to point out, however, that he bears no ill will toward skateboarding. “I’m not anti-skateboards, I’m anti-that-guy,” says Dietrich of his accident. 

I’m not anti-skateboards, I’m anti-that-guy.  

Currently, the only locations at which skateboarding is not permitted in writing on campus is in the dorms. Students may encounter trouble, however, if their skateboarding causes damage to school property. According to the WWC 2002 Students Handbook, students who damage school property will have to make restitution for that damage.  

Injury to one’s self is also a real danger to those who skateboard. Falls are not uncommon and wearing a helmet is recommended.  

As it stands, skateboarding rolls on at WWC for the near future. Students who choose to skateboard, however, are cautioned to do so at their own risk.  

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