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Student Attacked and Robbed

Student Attacked and Robbed

By Kristi Kongorski 

Published February 11, 1993 

Two men attacked and robbed a WWC student outside Foreman Hall, College Place, on Thursday night, Feb. 4. 

Derek (Bodhi) Tall, 19, was taken by ambulance at 8:24 p.m. to Walla Walla General Hospital, but was released later in the evening with only minor injuries. 

Derek Tall’s wallet was stolen by two muggers outside Foreman Hall. 

Tall said he was going to the girl’s dorm to study with a friend. He parked his truck between the cafeteria and Conard Hall. As he walked toward the dorm, he heard someone run up behind him. He started to turn around, and two men attacked him. He heard one shout, “Get the f-ing ring!” Then one of them picked Tall up and threw him against a truck. The men couldn’t get Tall’s ring or watch during the struggle, but they did steal his wallet. Then a car drove by, and the men ran off. Tall says the fight lasted about 20 seconds. 

Tall walked into Foreman lobby, asked the desk worker to call the police, and then fainted. Police came and an ambulance took him to the hospital, where a gash on his hand was stitched. Tall said the gash was from one of the attacker’s teeth. He also had a badly bruised back where he was thrown the vehicle. 

Tall described one of the attackers as 6’2,” wearing a Raiders jacket, and the other man as about 5’9.” He did not know either attacker. 

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Tall has filed a police report, and College Place police are trying to locate the attackers. 

 But he warns, “Just because you’re in a well-lighted area doesn’t mean you’re safe.” 

In a possibly related incident last week, two men followed former WWC student Kari Hare down an alley behind Foreman Hall. The men were scared off, but Hare, who currently attends Walla Walla Community College, thinks they would have attempted an attack. 

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