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Students Protest Towing Ordinance

Students Protest Towing Ordinance

By Mike Barb 

Published on February 11, 1982 

About 180 Walla Walla College students protested the College Avenue rowing ordinance during the City Council meeting Feb. 8. 

Since the towing ordinance came into effect, all cars parked on the College Avenue after midnight are towed away at the owner’s expense. 

Adverse reaction to the policy promoted the College Place Council members to bring the issue to review at the Feb. 8 meeting. 

Prior to the council meeting, Walt Meske, Dean of Men, and Denny Roenfeldt, OPS president, sent notes to most of the students in the dorms asking them to help voice their opposition to the ordinance by peacefully demonstrating at City Hall. 

Students gathered in Village Hall at 7:15 p.m. to make demonstrative signs for the marc to City Hall. Slogans ranged from “Fight for the right to park at night” to “No tow, no go.”  

Placard-waving students crowd City Hall during peaceful demonstration.

Students proceeded to City Hall where Denny quieted the protest group to say a few words before entering City Hall. 

ASWWC President, Kerby Oberg, came briefly to see how the demonstration was working. Kerby commented, “I feel good to see students reaching out for something they need.” 

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Meske said the reaction toward the demonstration march was good. 

Council chambers packed with students prompted discussions of the ordinance to be moved up on the agenda. 

George Fernald, mayor of College Place, said the towing ordinance facilitates street sweeping. 

The issue was tossed back and forth for the remainder of the meeting. At its conclusion, three council members, Lester Britton, Edward Cross and Daniel See were appointed to study the ordinance more closely.  

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