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The Debate: Which is Best, Yahoo or Google?

The Debate: Which is Best, Yahoo or Google?

Published April 2, 2009 

Ok, all you Google users; here it is, the great debate: Which internet search engine is better, Yahool or Google? “A weird question,” one might say. I didn’t even have an opinion on this odd topic myself, until a few weeks ago. 

During the much-anticipated Snow Frolic weekend, I had the privilege of flying home to Portland for a sweet, albeit short, vacation. After my mom picked me up from the airport, I went to my house, gave my three siblings giant hugs, ate my supper, and asked my mom if I could check my email for a bit. 

What I got in response was quite a surprise to me. Drum roll please. My mom sadly announced that, of all things, China had hijacked our computer for its own use! That’s right folks, a simple private computer minding its own business became generator prey for running China’s spyware. She was searching on Google for some books for my siblings when she started receiving pages and pages of internet ads, some of them not very pretty, if you know what I mean. My poor mom didn’t even know that China was the culprit of this problem. My computer guru grandpa came over and discovered the problem after HOURS of searching. And how, do you ask, did this happen? Because they’d nabbed my mom on the Google engine, hiding under a perfectly legitimate and seemingly harmless website. Apparently, so many people use Google that it became China’s main target of searching for innocent web surfers. My mom went on to say that the problem is now so big, it’s hit multiple private computers in my hometown and my state. Which makes me wonder, how many other communities got hit by this strange cyber situation? 

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After hearing about this computer problem, I realized that it could certainly happen to my little laptop here in College Place. I reluctantly decided to leave Mr. Google alone for a while and switched to Yahoo! instead. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Google serves many useful purposes for us on the web, and it’s constantly changing website database makes finding updated information not so hard. But I also know that I have PCSS (aka Poor College Student Syndrome), and I really don’t want to spend another wad of cash to buy a new laptop, simply because China invaded my last one. Books cost moola, people. The whole reason I’m writing this is to give others in this community fair warning about what I’ve experienced. As for the answer to this debate, the search engine you use is ultimately your decision. No one will mind or stop you if you google to your heart’s content, but I do know one thing; I personally don’t want to get caught in China’s technological hijacking tricks. I’d rather be safe than sorry. My choice is Yahoo. 

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