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The Food Friend Presents: Holiday Cheer

The Food Friend Presents: Holiday Cheer

Andrea Johnson 

Published November 21, 2013 

The holiday season is here. Thanksgiving is a week away and Christmas cheer is already coming out the wazoo. As everyone knows, pumpkin is an essential part of the holidays. It’s everywhere. My advice? Just embrace it. Step one: make this recipe. OK? OK. Let me be honest. I love pumpkin, so the other day when I polled y’all on Facebook as to what recipes you’d like to see, I was excited that pumpkin pancakes were the top-voted recipe. I looked up some recipes and experimented. With the help of my roommate Kindra, I came up with a delicious recipe that is delicious straight off the frying pan or cold as a snack—consider it a cookie.

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