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The Foundation For the Men’s Dormitory to Be Laid After Board Meeting

The Foundation For the Men’s Dormitory to Be Laid After Board Meeting

Other Building Plans Include Bakery, Girls’ Dormitory, Cafeteria, Campus School 

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Published on October 18, 1945 

Work on the foundation for Sittner hall, the new dormitory for men, will start soon after the College board meets next month, according to a statement Friday by Mr. F. W. Peterson, College business manager. 

The construction of the building will continue in the early spring, Mr. Peterson said, and the plan is to have the dormitory ready for occupancy by the time school opens in the autumn of 1946. He stated further that the style of architecture will be similar to that of Conard hall and that the plan is to have accommodations for 250 to 300 men. 

The exact location of the new hall cannot be announced at this time, as the College board has not yet acted upon the plans submitted. Mr. A. Wheatley, a Seattle architect was recently employed by the board to make a survey of the College campus and to draw tentative plans for the location of all buildings projected for the near future. 

More Buildings Planned 

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Other building plans, in addition to Sittner hall, include a new dormitory unit for women, a new cafeteria, a new bakery, and an enlarged campus school. Mr. Peterson stated that he had recommended to the Board that the College store be rebuilt and enlarged to extend back to the alley, and that the bakery be rebuilt south of the print shop on College avenue. All details of plans will be released as soon as the final action is taken. 

When contacted regarding the building fund for Sittner hall, Dean L. B. Losey stated that contributions to date total $10,540*. The dean suggests that now is a good time for any who wish to help with the new building to send in contributions. 

*The equivalent of $152,522 in 2021 dollars. 

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