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Twenty-five things to do this summer

Twenty-five things to do this summer

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Published May 22, 1986 

  1. Join a summer theatre group and play “King Lear” for three months. 
  1. Start a “Hands Across the Atlantic” group, a human chain stretching from the Touchet to Chernobyl, and help clean up their problem. 
  1. Visit Expo ’86. 
  1. Visit Vancouver but don’t go to Expo ’86. 
  1. Go to Des Moines, Iowa, for the world-famous Corn Festival. 
  1. Take a job as a prison counselor and work with men like Nunzio Homelite, who killed 29 people with a chain saw. This will help them fit into society when they get out for good behavior. 
  1. Discover a cause and cure for cancer. Then spend the next school year travelling around giving speeches and collecting accolades.  
  1. Find an alternative for gluten. 
  1. Study for the marriage and family life class you plan to take next fall by watching every episode of “Leave it to Beaver.” 
  1. Organize a search for Amelia Earhart. 
  1. Sign on as a deck hand on a Greenpeace ship and visit exotic ports…like Antarctica. 
  1. Bicycle the San Juans. 
  1. Go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. 
  1. Spend a week learning to play golf, tennis or tiddledywinks. 
  1. Disappear with a large collection of LeCarre, Bellow and Michener. 
  1. Take mom up on her offer to let you week the entire garden. 
  1. Ski Mt. Hood in July. 
  1. Buy an old piece of junk sky-blue Cadillac convertible and cruise the length of the Pacific Coast Hiway (U.S. 101) with the top down and the radio blaring from Canada to Mexico. 
  1. Learn how to windsurf. Risk life and limb on the famous Columbia Gorge. 
  1. Spend endless hours by the side of a pool, lake or lawn sprinkler slowly blasting your body to a deep dark tan. Fr best results cover yourself with a thin coating of barbeque sauce and rotate slowly on a spit. 
  1. Go to Hawaii. Try to get a job. Resign yourself to the cruel fate of unemployed beach life. Survive on wild mangoes, coconuts and sneaking into hotel brunches. 
  1. Get a job in your home town flipping burgers. Your big break will come when the “Drive-Thru Window” guy dies and they offer you his coveted position. 
  1. Take summer classes at your local community college. OK, so what if Existentialist Pottery 105 isn’t one of your core requirements. At $20 per quarter hour, what do you have to lose? 
  1. Get lost in Europe. Learn a foreign language the hard way. 
  1. Build a paper mâché replica of the Statue of Liberty with old Collegians. Neat, huh? 
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