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Women Play Ball Too

Women Play Ball Too

Basketball herstory 

Published March 9, 1978 

The development of women’s basketball has been a long process. There were many obstacles to overcome, not the least of which was social pressure against competitive women. When the game was first organized, it was designed not to be too strenuous. A regular court was divided into three regions. Each of the nine players on a team had an assigned place, and to leave it was a penalty. Each player could only dribble the ball once, and only the three in the opponent’s back court could shoot. 

The first innovation came when the court was reduced to two zones and six players. Three of the six guarded their basket, two could take the ball across half court, and one player was a rover. There were still serious limitations, even with this improvement only the rover could dribble more than once, so the team’s score usually depended on how well the rover could shoot. 

1963-64 saw an experimental phase. For the first time, women were allowed to play with men’s rules. From there, things began looking up. It took time to accept and learn these new rules. As late as 1968-69 the old six-player game was still being taught. But now, five women basketball is official. 

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Our Christian institutions have been a little slower to progress. Here at WWC, we’re catching up rapidly. There are quite a number of women involved this year in intramurals and city league. Thanks to a few volunteer coaches, many WWC women are receiving the first real coaching they’ve ever had. This has helped to make the game much more organized and enjoyable for the players. 

Now, through a cooperative effort, women can have fun, increase skills, and stay in shape at the same time. Get involved. Enjoy the fellowship and cooperation available in basketball games. And above all, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough to play.  

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