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ASWWU Elections

ASWWU Elections


Andrew Bussell

“You’re so skinny!” “Man will you ever grow any taller!” “Dude your voice sounds like a broken squeaky toy!” It was a rough start to my education, as can be shown by the previous quotes. I never felt accepted at school with my peers. I wanted to feel it, but just couldn’t. Now if you were to look at me, I look and sound much different, as to be expected from over 10 years of growth. But even now, I still don’t always feel accepted. My name is Andrew Bussell, a Junior Mechanical Engineering student, 6’7” now, and a cafe brownie overweight. It would be an absolute honor and privilege to be your ASWWU president. I have been greatly impacted by the people here: students, faculty, staff alike, and I want to give back in the best and most effective way possible, and this is the best platform for me to express that. 

ASWWU stands for the Associated Students of Walla Walla University, and I want the students to feel like they don’t just have a voice, but instead feel like they are understood; they have a say in decisions. Instead of students reaching out, how about the ASWWU Cabinet initiate the first step of creating a conversation for change? I have been blessed to be a direct part of that in the past as the ASWWU chief of staff. As one of the youngest chiefs of staff at WWU, I was pushing for openness and directness within the student body, to which I will continue that mindset of open communication if elected.  

There is a quote that has become a part of me and my identity that best describes my intentions for this upcoming year: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to THRIVE: and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” (Maya Angelou). This is what I want for all of us: to have the confidence that we can thrive. Now, this is such a big picture goal, but for next year if elected, my mindset is for the student body to feel truly accepted. 

At the beginning of the article, I stated several negative statements that were said to me a long time ago, and while I look back at those comments now and smile, in those moments I really felt alone and scared. I understand and sympathize to not feeling accepted or heard. I get the feeling and emotions. I told myself from then on to always do my best to listen to those around me, be accepting to differences of opinion, and appreciate the art of disagreement. If elected president I promise to always do my best to accept and understand your voice, not only because it would add value to the year, but let you know how important your voice is to me.  

Michael Herrera-Teran 

For the School Year of 2021-2022 

Expressed on January 20, 2021 

As a student of Walla Walla University, I have noticed a few obstacles that block our students’ ability to flourish. Here are a few policies and practices I see that prevent students from succeeding: 

  • The cafeteria meal plan. 
  • The campus housing plan. 
  • Worship credit requirements. 
  • Lack of uniform organization for online classes. 

For each of these obstacles, I plan to work with the school’s administration to rethink these policies and practices. The intent behind this platform is to amplify the voices of the students, and bring meaningful changes that improve the lives of our campus. 

Thank you for the opportunity of running, 

Michael Herrera-Teran 

Trevor Haugen 

Junior Pre-Med/Health Science 

As ASWWU president, I would be committed to help guide our campus towards an environment that is accepting, improving, and memorable. As well as prioritizing the development of our love for God, others, and ourselves.  

I believe that improvement includes not only hearing every voice, but using those voices to implement change on our campus, and in turn our community. I believe that an accepting community is one that brings awareness to the problems of today, tomorrow, and the future, as well as advocating change within ourselves. To me, the word “memorable” means that we will not only have enjoyed our time at WWU, but that we will be able to reflect and grow from our experiences and involvement. 

These goals cannot be accomplished by one person, and that is why your voices will be vital for our success. Besides creating run on sentences, I believe it would be my responsibility to encourage new leaders, open new avenues, and strive for new growth as we build a future together.  

I look forward to the potential of having this opportunity to represent you, and hopefully be able to accomplish many goals this next year.  

Executive Vice President

 Wils Haffner 

 Junior Bachelors of Business Administration 

This past year in ASWWU was different. In fact, it was unideal. This has nothing to do with the administration running ASWWU, but because of the virus that has changed so much of our lives. I would like nothing more than to see a transition to the way we operated pre-COVID-19. I have been a part of Senate for three years now and I have the best ability to transition operations back to how they have been.  

What we need for this next administration are those who know ASWWU and those who are willing to put in the work. And not just for the role of executive vice president, we need stability and know-how in all four elected positions. Vote for those who will bring stability and assurance with them.    

Thank you,  

Wils Haffner 

Social Vice President

Jack Darrow

Freshman Graphic Design

If there are two things I love, it’s being social, and being a vice president. When you add those two together, you get the phrase “social vice president.” Of course there are other things I love, like family, friends, my cat, overpriced records that give me but a hint of dopamine, and walks on the beach. In all honesty, I’m just a regular guy that wants to do extraordinary things. Being involved with countless church events and charity events, I know how important it is for an event to run smoothly. It also helps to have someone in charge who cares, and I really care. I constantly care. I want to make next school year a great one, and I’m willing to put in a lot of time and effort, as well as take risks to make awesome things happen.  As a great man once said, “‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’-Wayne Gretzky” (Michael Scott).  

Joshua Peinado

Sophomore Strategic Communications Major 

“‘This year, I have had the opportunity to be a member of the ASWWU Social team. It has helped me gain quite quite a bit of valuable firsthand experience in planning, organizing, and running events. Something I have always valued about Walla Walla has been the community atmosphere that exists on campus. I would love to apply the knowledge that I have into making next year the best possible.’

-Joshua Peinado 

Brendan Sickau  

Hi Walla Walla family, I’m a freshman this year; you’ll quickly get to know as I love to engage with people; in fact, I thrive off of social interactions and meaningful relationships. I’m not the only one, though; you, too, have memories from your closest relationships because great human connection allows us to step out of our comfort zones to create the environment needed to produce said memories. 

For too long, we’ve lived outside of the realm of human connection and have waited and tried to get things back to how they use to be. All the vibrant social events that made up a substantial piece of Walla Walla’s social experience can’t occur. There’s no good point to let that mindset take control and steer us away from making progress. Instead, It’s time we step, take responsibility for staying in the box of how things used to be, and design the way things will be. With this mindset, I’m setting out to strengthen our community and bring a new era of social connection to the Walla Walla campus. 

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about” (Wheatley). Creating an environment where we can connect and care about each other is my priority. Here are six practical ways I plan on starting this process. 

  1. Giving the attention needed to the Mask and Social Calender on the ASWWU webpage. 
  1. Going through a comprehensive list of past ASWWU social activities identifying which ones are possible and which ones need reimagining. 
  1. Work closely with the video head and Marketing VP to properly advertise weekly events. 
  1. Advertise office hours, and encourage people passing by who want to see change happen. 
  1. Encourage club membership as a way to connect with like-minded individuals. 
  1. Most importantly, I will listen with open ears and surround myself with people who specialize in areas I don’t know well. 

Thank you for this opportunity run to be your human connection visionary! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Brendan Sickau  

For Social VP 

Spiritual Vice President

Natasha Mwansa

Hey friends! My name is Natasha Mwansa, and I am currently a sophomore elementary education major. For the 2021-22 school year, I would love to serve as your spiritual vice president. As we begin the New Year, I have had the word “fire” placed on my heart. It brings me back to Matthew 5:13-16, the passage about being salt and light in the world. I want to focus on verse 16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” My prayer is that a fire is set off within every heart in the student body here at Walla Walla University. The fire will be a light burning bright to shine to those around us, which we can then give all the glory and praises to Jesus. I desire that hearts could come back to their first love, Jesus, and be on fire for Him. The atmosphere shifts when hearts are on fire for Him, which has me eager to grow together as a school. May God bless you all abundantly this year and in the years to come! 


Mitchell Powers 

Sophomore Theology 

If I am voted in to be the ASWWU spiritual VP, I will plan for community driven student worships, consistent and intentional prayer nights, and service projects aimed to support our culture of community. I will see to it that we host a lively worship concert and engaging public speakers next year. I will make sure that ASWWU Spiritual stays in connection with the student body by providing devotionals, giveaways, pop-ups and more. I have had previous experience in ASWWU Spiritual, prior church leadership, and building service initiatives at the CHE. I am well experienced and well equipped to handle this position and I will make sure that ASWWU Spiritual is a listening entity where every voice on campus is heard.  


Mitchell Powers 

Lydia Tupper 

Junior Theology 

Hi! My name is Lydia, and I would love to be your next ASWWU spiritual VP! I spent my first two years at Walla Walla University working on the ASWWU Spiritual team, and I loved every second of it. As someone who is passionate about Jesus and loves working with a team to make things happen, being a part of ASWWU Spiritual is my happy place, and after spending time learning the ropes under two of our previous spiritual VP’s, I feel more than ready to step up and assume this position of leadership. 

My favorite thing about being a part ASWWU Spiritual has been creating a space for us as students to interact in a spiritual and social way, both with each other and with God. I believe this should the core motivation behind our ASWWU Spiritual team, and I want to keep that happening on our campus! I hope to go about this in a variety of different ways.  

First of all, I want to be here for you— each and every one of you. I will work to create an environment of accessibility and openness on our ASWWU Spiritual team. I want to be sensitive to the needs of individuals and of our campus as a whole. I believe one of the ways I can do that best is by listening to what you have to say. You deserve to be heard. 

Secondly, I will put in the time to create wholesome and well-planned events and opportunities for spiritual connection on our campus. I have a lot of experience with this, as I have spent countless hours dreaming up, planning, and executing food pop ups, devotional book handouts, craft nights, open mics, and many other events for our campus. I’ve even started my own outreach project that I ran for two years through ASWWU Spiritual, in which I worked with a local homeless shelter to provide student-run chapel services, something I hope to continue when the shelter reopens to visitors after quarantine. Creating and crafting these experiences is something I sincerely enjoy doing and I would be honored to continue. My experience working under other ASWWU spiritual VPs has given me so many ideas, and I look forward to making them a reality for all of you to enjoy! You deserve quality opportunities and events provided to you as a member of ASWWU. 

I’m so thankful to be considered for this position, and if I am elected, I promise to listen, to foster a culture of healthy spirituality and connection on our campuses, and to work hard to be the spiritual vice president that you deserve. 

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