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Christ’s Message in a Movie World

Christ’s Message in a Movie World

 Learning to Spread the Gospel Through WWU’s Online Master’s Program 

Linda Crumley  

Sub-VER-sive adj. “Tending or intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs” (, 2012). 

Are you one of the 16 million people to sign up for Netflix during the first few months of quarantine (, April 22, 2020)? Or are you a part of the nearly 95 million people worldwide who are subscribers to Disney Plus (, February 11, 2021)? John Buffone of The NPD Group, a market research group, says, “While entertainment is not essential for survival, it’s still an essential way to stay sane” during quarantine (, 2021). 

A woman looks at her Christmas miracle  

Movies catch our imaginations, teach us, engage our empathy, and shape our attitudes and values. Without our thought, we are tremendously influenced by the people who write, film, direct, produce, and fund the movies we watch.  

Jesus told stories to people to plant the seeds of a counter-culture revolution, and those stories still impact us today. How would he tell his stories today? What movies would Jesus make? As visual parables, they would not be directly religious. They might not even use the word “God” in the movie. However, they would plant the gospel in the hearts of the viewers, and their messages would echo for a long time in people’s souls. 

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Are you a writer? Photographer? Fashion Designer? Musician? Director? Producer? Editor? Have you considered sharing the amazing grace of God in a way that secular people can enjoy, appreciate, and accept a seed of truth? As of the 1st century, the gospel often grows unnoticed until the time comes for it to be revealed.  

Movies, God, and current culture – WWU has an online master’s program in Cinema, Religion, and Worldview that teaches you how to create relevant, enjoyable, excellent movies. Subversive movies are designed to change beliefs by telling the stories of our times, in the way that Jesus modeled. Anyone with any bachelor’s degree can join – we’ll catch you up on the skills you need. If you are a Sophomore or Junior, look at the 4+1 program that lets you complete the master’s degree in as little as one year beyond your bachelor’s degree.  

Movies change our perspectives. If you’d like to become a creator of subversive cinema—changing perspectives and planting seeds with the God who created you—contact Dr. Lynelle Ellis or me and let’s talk! Unless, of course, you are busy streaming a show. 

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