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Elena’s Declutter

Elena’s Declutter

By Tiarra Sample 

Elena Harris, a blonde-haired 23-year-old, was living in the Amazon when the inspiration for her business first came. She started college with plans to become a high school English teacher and decided to give teaching a test as a missionary in the jungle region of Peru. What she learned came as a bit of a surprise.  

“During that year, I realized I would rather organize a classroom than teach in it,” reflected Harris. “I also learned that I prefer teaching adults who want to be taught than kids who are forced to be there.”  

It was from that realization that the inspiration for Elena’s Declutter was first born. She wanted to help impact the lives of others, specifically women, by giving them the necessary tools needed to tackle distracting and stressful tasks within their homes.  

When Harris returned to school at Walla Walla University after her year of teaching in the Peruvian jungle, she decided to change her major from education to business. “What I learned at WWU gave me the overall business mindset I needed to be confident enough to start and run my own business,” said Harris. “My degree also gave me critical thinking and marketing skills I now use in my business every day.”  

Harris, now graduated, runs her business in College Place, Washington. She helps mostly women between the ages of 25 and 65 declutter and organize their homes, businesses, and digital lives. She doesn’t usually declutter her client’s homes by herself. Instead, she works alongside her clients with the purpose of helping them learn clutter-free habits that they can use to sustain a clutter-free home on their own. “I love seeing the mindset shift of my clients when the idea of simplicity or minimalism finally click in,” said Harris. 

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She also encourages people to live low-waste and uses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as avenues for providing free tips and strategies that incorporate low-waste living into the busy days of average Americans. “I don’t only want to offer help to those who pay me,” said Harris. “I want everyone to have access to the knowledge they need to live with less.”  

Harris sees clutter as a serious challenge in the United States, and she wants to help bring relief to as many people as possible. If you are interested in learning more or want to reach out to Harris for her services, visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @elenasdeclutter.  

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