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The First ASWWU Confab

The First ASWWU Confab

Meet Your Confabulous Candidates 

By Ashley Herber  

ASWWU’s first confab was streamed live on ASWWU’s YouTube channel and consisted of a panel of all the candidates running for ASWWU positions within. Isabella Constantino, the election board chair, monitored the event and Ethan Edwards, parliamentarian, kept time. Current ASWWU president, Eric Welch also assisted in the event. There were nine candidates, and each had one minute to answer each question.  

First question for all candidates: “Please introduce yourself and explain your platform.” 

Andrew Bussell – Bussell is a junior mechanical engineering major and is running for president. His platform centers on acceptance for all and creating a better campus through understanding the talents and differences of the students.  

Trevor Haugen- Haugen is running for president and his motto is “inspire to grow and aspire to change.” His goal is to implement change by creating student leaders through growing recourses and valuing student ideas.  

Lydia Tupper- Tupper is a junior theology major and is running for spiritual vice president. She promises to listen, foster a culture of healthy spirituality and connection, and to work hard.   

Mitchell Powers- Powers is a sophomore theology major and is running for spiritual vice president. He promises to cultivate a culture of connection with Christ, celebrate God’s love, and hear the voices of the student body and serve them.  

Natasha Mwansa- Mwansa is a sophomore elementary education major and is running for spiritual vice president. Her slogan for this year is “be on fire for Him.” She wants the hearts of the student body to be focused on God and to burn for him.  

Wils Haffner- Haffner is the current executive vice president and is running for the same position. His focus is on stability. He points to his experience with the job and how he wants to bring stability to WWU in these uncertain times.   

Brendan Sickau- Sickau is a freshman elementary education major and is running for social vice president.  He believes the way to unite the WWU community is to gather around the things that the student body is passionate about. 

Jack Darrow- Darrow is running for social vice president. His focus is on happiness, and he wants to bring joy to the student body.  

Joshua Peinado- Peinado is running for social vice president. He wants to bring even more connection to the students of WWU and points to his experience and his own longing for connections to show how he will achieve his goal.  

Second question for all candidates: Explain your understanding of the position you’re running for and how your past experiences have prepared you for this position.  

Haffner said that “the VP is a role in the pursuit of change on campus.” He said his experience is that he currently holds this position. 

Sickau said that the social VP is “an opportunity to be visionary on campus for fun.” His past experiences include holding class offices during high school, having a group of friends, and knowing how to have fun.  

Darrow said that the role of social VP is “to help plan and execute social events and to help improve life on campus.” He has seven years of experience helping plan events at his church, has organized charity events, and worked as a class officer in high school. 

Peinado said that the social VP is “one, an event planner and, two, a people connecter.” His experience includes being his high school student association president and community event coordinator, being an ASWWU department head, and being on the ASWWU social team.  

Bussell said the president is a project manager and a leader. His experience was as last year’s ASWWU chief of staff. 

Haugen said that the president’s role is to advocate for the student body’s voices and to implement ideas. His experience includes being his high school basketball team’s captain, working as a camp counselor and a camp director, being president of buddy club at WWU for two years, and being a student missionary in Pompei.  

Tupper said that the spiritual VP position exists to provide the student body with opportunities that will connect them with each other and with God. Her experience includes working on the leadership team at camp, and working with ASWWU spiritual for two years, during which she coordinated with a local homeless shelter to provide student run chapel services. 

Powers said that the spiritual VP is a calling to student leadership, is working with people, and is maintaining a culture to grow with Christ. His experience includes working with CHE for two years, working with ASWWU spiritual, and working as a youth pastor in the Portland area.  

Mwansa said that the spiritual VP is a “spiritual leader for the school and most importantly someone in pursuit of Christ.” Her experience includes being the current president of AGA, starting small groups, preaching at her local church, and working as a summer camp counselor.   

Closing remarks 

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Sickau wants to switch things up to accomplish the dreams and goals of the students.  

Darrow said that he will go the distance for WWU students and wants to bring happiness to campus.  

Peinado encourages the student body to vote for him because he is experienced, professional, and fun.  

Haffner is not running against anyone but said that he has the experience to continue to do the job well.  

Tupper said that she is passionate about creating a healthy spiritual environment and promises to listen, promote a healthy spiritual environment, and work hard.  

Mwansa said that God will place the candidates where they need to be placed but that she hopes to help lead this campus to a spiritual revival.  

Powers wants to “shine the light of Jesus on this campus.” He wants to take the dreams of the students and to turn them into tangible actions on campus.  

Bussell wants to serve the student body and points to his experience and love for the job as to why students should vote for him. He wants to foster acceptance on the WWU campus.  

Haugen said he will prioritize student and departmental growth and wants to use love to inspire for growth and change on campus and in the community.  

The next confab will be February 10 at 8pm. Students are encouraged to go to the description of the first confab YouTube video and submit questions to ask the candidates.  

To watch the whole thing at ASWWU Elections: Confab #1 (2020-21) 

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