Website Comment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a guide for what comments are not allowed to be published on The Collegian’s website.  

The Collegian encourages a variety of voices and perspectives; however, those voices must be shared respectfully in our website comment section and publication. 


We encourage people leaving comments to publish their first and last name along with the comment to ensure accountability. 

Guidelines for Comments That Won’t be Published 

As a rule, The Collegian will not publish a comment on its website that it would not publish in its entirety in an article. Specifically, The Collegian retains the authority to not publish any comment it deems: 

  1. Offensive. 
  1. Targeted in a negative way at a specific group or individual, including, but not limited to, mentioning specific names, such as that of the author, people cited, or groups mentioned in the article. 
  1. Contains inaccurate facts or presents misleading information. 
  1. Provocative, inflammatory, hateful, or incites violence. 
  1. Presents a person or group of people in a negative perspective.  

The Collegian and its staff reserve the authority to enforce and interpret these terms in accordance with commonly held journalistic standards, and to make changes based on available information. This policy applies to comments made on The Collegian’s website in the past, present, and future of this policy’s creation.  

Updated on December 1, 2021